Craft system

So, you got into the world of Ancient Siberia, had some time to talk with other natives and found a nice place to build your own house. To tell the truth, all building materials you have is timber from the nearest forest, and your supply of essential stuff is extremely limited. What do you need to do? Crafting, of course!

Great Tartary has always been famous for its craftsmen who could create anything from useful utensil to artworks. If you want to join the ranks of these masters, you will have to do your best. First of all, go and get all the necessary resources, which you can collect or buy and exchange. Then take it all to the city where you will be able to process them on special crafting machines. However, it is not that easy to operate them, as far as you have to upgrade your own skills and raise your level of carpentering, forging and herbology. That is why you really need to start learning and upgrading from the very beginning, if you do not want to spend half of the game time possessing only an ax and nothing else.