• 15 March 2018
    Update 0.4.5 “Winter island”

    Friends! You’ve finally waited for this moment. The new patch is uploaded. Total winter came to Ancient Siberia!

    In the updated version fixed a number of critical bugs and bugs.

    1.Fixed fire particles, now the fire is burning in the right direction.
    2.Fixed an error related to the loss of items from the inventory.
    3.Decided errors with the appearance of the character in T-pose and with conservation statuses of the character.
    4.Eliminated the problem associated with the inability to put the object in an empty slot of the Bank.
    5.We worked hard on the errors of the server.
    6.Fixed a problem related to incorrect display of the sea in the starting village at night.
    7.Fixed the problems of global illumination and illumination of some objects by optimizing structure.
    8.Also changed the default incorrect graphics settings.
    9.Fixed duplication of messages in the chat.
    10.Improved performance, now the startup is faster.
    11. Now character deals damage when struck with fists. We also changed the animation of strafe with a two-handed hammer. And eliminated the error of the triple axe blow.
    12. Solved the problem associated with the loss of resources after mining.
    Fixed an error in the breakdown of inventory when wearing some armor. By the way, the combat coloring is now normally displayed on the faces of players and when you create.
    13. Fixed a bug that led to the wrong trajectory of the jump in combat mode.
    14.Solved the problems associated with the interaction with objects and resource extraction after the move.
    15. Our level designers removed unnecessary colliders in the village, and programmers eliminated the mistake arising at installation of buildings.
    16. Fixed issues with the sounds of monsters in the graveyard.
    17. Established working with scrolling in the key settings menu.

    The main event of the new patch was the full transition to the winter location.

    1. Now the character can freeze: the higher the location point in Ancient Siberia, the colder. You can warm up in some places in the village (market, house with machines, shooting range, fires) as well as buying from the vendor hot borsch, which helps to restore heat.
    2. Added new weather conditions. Now on the map may be a fog, and nights in Ancient Siberia became darker.
    3.Character metrics such as temperature, hunger, thirst are now recovering from an relogging.
    4.Added new sounds for the winter environment.
    5. Added new camera effects: eye adaptation, chromatic aberration.
    6. In the updated version there are new learning quests.
    7. We have also added a new mapping on the subjects. Now correctly are displayed damage, type, penetration, protection. When you hover your mouse over the recipe, you will see the right ingredients.
    8.Our team has increased the distance of trees displaying.
    9. The starting clothes of a character is changed into warmer clothes.
    10. Replaced easy run animation.
    11. Added fur on some animals, also some models of animals were replaced with better ones.
    12. Changed the rocks from which the ore was extracted. Now they have a different look and break into pieces.

    We are also actively continuing to work on the already known problems: eliminate errors associated with damage from monsters, patch holes in clothes on the characters and work hard to ensure that the river is displayed correctly at night.

  • 20 February 2018
    Updates from 20/02/2018

    We are happy to present the following list of the updates.

    1. We fixed issues with server availability
    2. Eliminated many problems related to the bank.
    3. Players complained about the disappearance of items from the inventory, this bug has been eliminated.
    4. Our developers have worked hard to fix the errors associated with the recipes:
    – corrected the problems that appeared during the transfer of the recipe;
    – changed the wrong logic of learning recipes. Now you need to click on the recipe 2 times to learn;
    – also in the recipes appeared instructions for cooking. All the ingredients can be bought from the merchant;
    – added prescriptions of picklock for break-in houses;
    – added new recipes for sale in the second village;

    5. Fixed problems with the freshness of mobs. Also if mobs killing one character, they continue to attack other players.
    6. Eliminated the error associated with the loss of money in trade.
    7. In the past, we have a problem, when crafting incorrectly calculated free space in the inventory, now this bug is fixed.
    8. Restored the display of names over the characters.
    9. Fixed chat overlay on the Quick Access toolbar.
    10. Changed the range of attack for wild boars
    11. Eliminated a rare bug where the player could connect to the server with empty inventory.
    12. Added a scroll in the trade window, now the player can flip through the goods, determined by the choice. Also, the user now sees the names of the traders and understands what trades a particular NPC.
    13. Corrected the logic of the button operation in the respawn window.
    14. Changed the eyes of the characters in the generator.
    15. We managed to remove the blurring of the screen.
    16. We fixed pink smoke when mining a stone.
    17. Developers also worked on the sound content of the game. Now the music can be adjusted – to do more quietly or louder. Added sounds to the system of auto production.
    18. Fixed the number of ingredients to create the initial runes of magic.
    19. Now, when a player strikes with a pick or an ax on the enemy, fighting skills are growing.
    20. Eliminated the error with the torches.
    21. Added the influence of hunger and thirst on the regeneration of characteristics. Now if your character is very hungry or wants to drink, then his life will decrease to a threshold level and will not be regenerated until the moment he does not get drunk or eat.
    22. Our animator carried out extensive work. He added new animations visible in the extraction of wood. Worked on the movement of the character in stealth mode. Fixed character in the generator. Fixed the animation of the rider and added strakes with tools and weapons.
    23. We fixed part of the resource extraction system:
    – now in order to get wood / ore / berries you need to be equipped with the necessary weapons for this resource (ax / pickax / sickle);
    – to start mining, you just need to make the first hit or press E on the resource.
    – after the start of the production, the character himself, without your help, will get all available resources;
    – if someone started to extract a certain resource, then the other player at this time will not be able to access this resource until it is over or the user stops production.
    24. Have changed the interface of interaction with the outside world. Now the E buttons are not in the world, but in the player’s screen space and are activated only if the character is at a suitable distance and pointed the camera at the desired object
    25. Expanded ways to obtain items from mobs:
    – now each mob after death leaves next to a container with a random, peculiar to him the subject. It can be taken by any player, the main thing being first;
    – the developers left a fresh, with the help of which you can extract from the monster carcass rare resources for crafting and not only. With this method will take into account the characteristics of the character.

  • 2 February 2018
    Updates from 02.02.2018

    Friends, the new patch is ready. We present you a brief report on the work done.


    1) Added new camera effects. The developers have worked on the lighting, changed the effects, which are visible during day and night and also fixed some bugs in display of the water on the horizon.

    2) Made an automatic training on mannequins for all types of weapons. Now the player only needs to approach the mannequin, make the first strike and he can leave his character for upgrading his combat skills.

    3) Changed the scheme of issuance freepoints. Now for leveling up, the user will be given 5 freepoints.

    4) Valga games team and worked on bug fixes chat. Now when chat is fulfilled, the system automatically discredits to the end, showing a new message in the chat. Also changed the display of nicknames of characters in the chat. Now scrolls the chat works correctly. Also, the text is no longer entered in the chat field without the knowledge of the player.

    5) Fixed the compass. It now shows the correct direction.

    6) Changed the formula of calculation of the main characteristics of the character in favor of the convenience of gameplay. Recycling and recovery of endurance now is much slower.

    7) Added new monsters in the cemetery near the village. Parameters and appearance of monsters depending on the time of day.

    8) Changed the animation in character generation.

    9) Fixed incorrect animation for an armed character (especially noticeable when character run in combat mode)

    10) Improved and replaced the skeleton of the character. Added more bones, for better control of the animation of the weapon. Replaced all the old animations for the new skeleton.

    11) Added animation of strafing with the weapon created by the unique movement of the character in combat mode for each weapon.

    12) Changed the animation of chopping wood.

    13) Our animator also replaced the target, fixed shining eyes and removed the effects of flicking in the background.

    14) Arrows from bows and crossbows now hit the target and not fly past it.

  • 31 January 2018
    New price on Steam!

    Dear friends! We considered your requests and we have a good news. You can buy the Ancient Siberia game for .99 or 9.99 € or 299 RUR!

    The Great Tartaria is waiting for new conquerors!

  • 29 January 2018
    Hotfix from 29.01.2018

    Additional updates. Build version:

    1. Great news for all players of Ancient Siberia – the Bank’s fixed. The main problems associated with storage of the money are fixed!

    2. Now, the player level up his mining skills in resource extraction. And fighting skills during battles or training on the dummy.

    3. Fixed a problem with the water well.

    Please, updating your game client.

    Good luck on the Ancient Siberia!

  • 26 January 2018
    Updates from 26.01

    We have fixed a few bugs, so here is our new short report:

    Valid build version:

    1. We fixed a problem with alpha masks, now part of the clothing is displayed correctly.

    2. We fixed a problem with entering the game lobby.

    3. Now the weight of the items is taken into account and affects the fatigue of the character (the heavier equipment player has, the slower he moves).

    4. The status bar started to work more correctly.

    5. Thirst and starvation now affects fatigue of the character, and agility affects movement speed and attack speed.

    6. We fixed bugs with the queue when crafting items.

    7. Now, at the approach to the machines, their names are automatically translated to the language specified in the settings.

    8. The new patch more correctly displays the quantity upgraded skill.

    9. We fixed a problem with upgrading extractives skills.

    10. We fixed several bugs with incorrect display of the locations.

    11. Identified and eliminated a rare configuration issue that could lead to difficulties when you start the game.

    12. Level-designers moved one of the mines closer to the city for the convenience of the players.

    13. We eliminated the error associated with the extraction of ore in the mine, when it was not disappeared while the extraction.

    14. We fixed incorrect work of tanning workbench.

    15. By players’ request, you can now reassign buttons responsible for running, block and attack.

    16. Scroll was fixed in game settings

    17. We fixed bugs with selling items to merchants when some of the objects were impossible to sell and get for it money.

    18. The number of workbenches in the village was increased.

    19. The switching in the crafting menu now works on click, not double click as before.

    20. We fixed several bugs related to the construction.

    21. We fixed an error with the cutting of animal skin.

    22. We fixed an error with upgrading magic skills.

    23. Grass settings now works’ correctly.

    24. We fixed a bug with the folding coins.

  • 26 January 2018
    Обновления от 26.01

    Друзья! Обновленная сборка готова. Представляем отчёт о проделанной работе.

    Версия сборки:

    1. Исправлена проблема с альфа-масками, теперь часть одежды отображается корректно.
    2. Исправлена ошибка со входом в лобби игры.
    3. Теперь вес предметов учитывается и влияет на усталость персонажа (чем тяжелее на игроке обмундирование, тем медленнее
    он передвигается).
    4. Статус бар стал работать более корректно.
    5. Жажда и голод теперь влияет на усталость персонажа, а ловкость персонажа влияет на скорость его передвижения и скорость атак.
    6. Исправлены ошибки с очередью при крафте предметов.
    7. Теперь, при подходе к станкам, их названия автоматически переводятся на язык, указанный в настройках игрока.
    8. В новом патче более корректно отображается количество прокачанного навыка.
    9. Исправлена проблема с прокачкой добывающих умений.
    10. Выявили и устранили редкую проблему конфигурации, которая могла приводить к трудностям при запуске игры.
    11. Исправлен ряд ошибок с некорректным отображением локаций.
    12. Для удобства игроков, одну из шахт level-дизайнеры перенесли ближе к городу.
    13. Устранили ошибку, связанную с добычей руды в шахте, когда она не исчезала при добыче.
    14. Исправлена некорректная работа дубильного станка.
    15. По просьбам игроков, теперь можно переназначить кнопки управления, отвечающие за бег, блок и атаку.
    16. В настройках игры был исправлен скрол.
    17. Устранены ошибки с продажей предметов торговцам, когда часть предметов невозможно было продать и получить за свой товар деньги.
    18. Количество станков в деревне было увеличено.
    19. Переключение в меню крафта теперь работает по клику, а не по двойному клику, как было раньше.
    20. Исправлен ряд ошибок, связанных со стройкой.
    21. Исправлена ошибка, связанная с разделкой шкуры животного.
    22. Устранены ошибки с прокачкой магических умений.
    23. Настройки травы, теперь работают более корректно.
    24. Исправлена ошибка со складыванием монет.

  • 24 January 2018
    Big sales!


    Dear friends!


    We want to remind you, that you can buy Ancient Siberia with 50% discount! There is two days left until the end of the offer.

    The Great Tartatia is waiting for you!

  • 23 January 2018
    Discord channel is waiting for you!

    Hello everyone!

    Today we are start our official Discord channel. You can join us! Just click on HERE and communicate with other players!
    Also you can share this invite to your friends on Ancient Siberia 🙂

    We looking forward to warriors of the Great Tartaria on this channel!

  • 12 December 2017

    This day has finally come! Our game was released on Steam. Now you can launch the game using the official Steam app. Visit our store page to learn more!


What is AnSiber?

Ancient Siberia (or AnSiber in short) is a survival massive multiplayer rpg with sandbox elements. It’s mostly player-driven: you yourself fill in the world around you by taking part in a great number of activities, whether it’s exploring the huge map in search of adventures, hunting various beasts, battling countess foes or establishing your own in-game business. A balanced skill system will help you with that, whether you decide to be the greatest carpenter or a legendary horse-tamer.

Who’s developing the game? Is it worth buying?

The game is developed by VALGA Games. Whether to buy it or not, depends solely on you. If you like the genre, want to try out our new features and have early access to the game, then yes, it’s worth a try.

What’s already been done?

The game is in Pre-Alpha stage now. There is a working prototype which is constantly tweaked and modified: new features and content are being added, some aspects – optimized, while the others – removed. You may find out the details on our News page.

What is the game’s PvP like?

Ancient Siberia has a non-target battle system – it concerns both traditional weapons and magic. You were just passing by when suddenly hit by a fireball? Executed your power-attack too long and the enemy dodged? Well, tough luck, friend, things like this happen. It’s not the strongest one who wins, but the most skillful.

When is the game being released? Will it have subscription?

The release date is still to be announced. There will be early access builds, probably, even starter packs with various content. The microtransaction system is not implied in the game and is in no future plans so far.