• 14 September 2017
    What’s Survival Sandbox MMORPG?

    Today we would like to tell you about the genre of our game, which is Survival Sandbox MMORPG. About the aspect of surviving has been said a lot, and the meaning of the MMORPG abbreviation is known to every preschooler. Let’s talk about what Sandbox is.

    The game created in a Sandbox genre is actually a sandbox as it is. The child playing in the sandbox with a shovel and a bucket is limited only by his own imagination and the fence of the playground. As well as the user playing the Sandbox MMO is introduced to a large open world, a set of basic tools and almost unlimited opportunities for development.

    Many people have become accustomed to the fact that games have mandatory quests and inevitable fights with game bosses. But in the Sandbox games no one can force you to do anything, even a powerful Game Designer! It’s only up to you to decide what to do. You can build a house on an uninhabited island and spend your whole days fishing there and never ever meet other players.
    On the other hand, what’s the point of playing an online game all alone? So do not miss the opportunity to join a guild or to found your own clan with your pals.

    Playing our game, do not forget this fundamental truth, saying that with great power comes great responsibility. Remember this, because it is you who will create the history of Ancient Siberia!

  • 29 August 2017
    Test english

    Some text for my England friends

  • 29 August 2017

    test text

  • 29 August 2017
    Introducing our team: Stas


    Today we decided to drag our Lead Software Engineer Stas from the virtual reality. Stas looked at us with his red languishing eyes and gave us all the answers even before we had an opportunity to ask any questions. That’s what he told us:

    1. Who are you and what do you do in the team?

    I am a Lead Software Engineer. Mainly I work on integrating the whole content and make necessary corrections of development process, if something goes wrong. And overall I just communicate with other team members, when we need to work on some technical aspects. For example, we have a lot of work on animation and character's controller at the moment, so I have to show other developers how to do this and that in order to get the work done perfectly. We want to make everything about animation and characters’ movements to look great and appealing for players. These are my tasks as a team leader 

    Talking about my part as an engineer, then there is a lot of complicated work to do. At this stage of work I usually add new functional and implement new parts of the game mechanics, which means that I have a lot to do with coding. Also I need to consider the networking aspect of the system and to integrate all new features correctly. Then it will be tested, debugged and polished until we all are satisfied with the result.

    2. What is your contribution in the Ansiber world?

    It’s hard to remember everything I have done on the project. I have done a lot… and not just me…
    Well, talking about the overall systems, I’d say it is a loot system, a system of building, a character’s controller… and lots and lots of different changes within the project.

    Ah… Maybe home electronics, but no, it still needs to be put into practice Then I’d be selling real estate, if we are still going to implement such opportunities, I think it’s quite an interesting feature  Also I would sell ships, if it’s possible  Well, you see, I really like to do things in a big way 

  • 28 April 2017
    Ancient Siberia Teaser

    The game is nearing its final production stages. Prepare to gather your party and venture forth!


What is AnSiber?

Ancient Siberia (or AnSiber in short) is a survival massive multiplayer rpg with sandbox elements. It’s mostly player-driven: you yourself fill in the world around you by taking part in a great number of activities, whether it’s exploring the huge map in search of adventures, hunting various beasts, battling countess foes or establishing your own in-game business. A balanced skill system will help you with that, whether you decide to be the greatest carpenter or a legendary horse-tamer.

Who’s developing the game? Is it worth buying?

The game is developed by ALGA games. Whether to buy it or not, depends solely on you. If you like the genre, want to try out our new features and have early access to the game, then yes, it’s worth a try.

What’s already been done?

The game is in Pre-Alpha stage now. There is a working prototype which is constantly tweaked and modified: new features and content are being added, some aspects – optimized, while the others – removed. You may find out the details on our News page.

What is the game’s PvP like?

Ancient Siberia has a non-target battle system – it concerns both traditional weapons and magic. You were just passing by when suddenly hit by a fireball? Executed your power-attack too long and the enemy dodged? Well, tough luck, friend, things like this happen. It’s not the strongest one who wins, but the most skillful.

When is the game being released? Will it have subscription?

The release date is still to be announced. There will be early access builds, probably, even starter packs with various content. The microtransaction system is not implied in the game and is in no future plans so far.