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  • Ordinary Package
  • Wanderer’s Package
  • Warrior’a Package

Early access packages:
Ordinary Package

  • Early access to the game
Price: 10$


Wanderer’s Package

Price: 25$
Not available after release


Warrior’a Package

Price: 50$
Not available after release


Welcome to the world of Ancient Siberia, traveler!
Find a way to survive.

Survive in the tough world of Ancient Siberia. Rise from a mere commoner to a hero! Wage war, craft, build, weave spells, explore the vast world map – on foot as well as on the back of your fiery steed.


There’s no place for slouches in Ancient Siberia. If you want to stay alive and win your share of the wold – pick up a tool and get to work, for there is an abundance of it to suit everyone’s tastes.

Test your metal!

Upon leaving the town one finds themselves surrounded by peril. You may either boldly face it or chicken out – it’s your call. The second option may mark you as a coward, while being a badass leaves a trail of fame, fortune and battle trophies.

Teach ’em villains a good lesson or join them in crime.

Danger awaits at any corner – not only monsters threaten your life, but other Siberians as well! Some of the most questionable morals may want to take away your hard-earned goods and chattels. Show them who’s boss or become a rogue yourself – if that’s your thing.

What is AnSiber?

Ancient Siberia (or AnSiber in short) is a survival massive multiplayer rpg with sandbox elements. It’s mostly player-driven: you yourself fill in the world around you by taking part in a great number of activities, whether it’s exploring the huge map in search of adventures, hunting various beasts, battling countess foes or establishing your own in-game business. A balanced skill system will help you with that, whether you decide to be the greatest carpenter or a legendary horse-tamer.

Who’s developing the game? Is it worth buying?

The game is developed by ALGA games. Whether to buy it or not, depends solely on you. If you like the genre, want to try out our new features and have early access to the game, then yes, it’s worth a try.

What’s already been done?

The game is in Pre-Alpha stage now. There is a working prototype which is constantly tweaked and modified: new features and content are being added, some aspects – optimized, while the others – removed. You may find out the details on our News page.

What is the game’s PvP like?

Ancient Siberia has a non-target battle system – it concerns both traditional weapons and magic. You were just passing by when suddenly hit by a fireball? Executed your power-attack too long and the enemy dodged? Well, tough luck, friend, things like this happen. It’s not the strongest one who wins, but the most skillful.

When is the game being released? Will it have subscription?

The release date is still to be announced. There will be early access builds, probably, even starter packs with various content. The microtransaction system is not implied in the game and is in no future plans so far.


Обновление 0.4.5 “Зимний остров”

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