Great open world of Ansiber

The player starts his journey in the middle of the great open world, which covers an area of 400 square km. There are snowy plains, green valleys and seas. And all of these is available to discover at the very beginning of the game! You don’t need to level-up in order to reach any point. All you need is to start discovering, exploring, and studing.
But do not think that it is safe for your character to travel from point A to point B without problems. It is possible not only to meet other players, but also monsters, which may be tougher than you.
The history of the world is based on the ancient tales and legends about Great Tartary which, according to the old maps, lied between Ural and Alaska and stretched from New Earth to Tibet.
On his journey the player will meet different characters and creatures, which traces can be found in the Siberian legends. The player can discover history of the world with a help of ancient scrolls, placed in key points of the map.
Are you ready to join in the exploration of unknown lands of Ancient Siberia? Then make a pre-order and prepare yourself for a journey across the grounds of Great Tartary!