History of Ancient Tartary

Today we would like to tell you about Ancient Tartary, a country surrounded by many myths and legends.
Great Tartary disappeared from the political map of the world about two hundred years ago. To be more precisely, it was wiped off this map.

The natural boundaries of Great Tartary, which occupied the entire Northern Hemisphere in the Middle Age, were ocean coasts. Three of them, which are Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic ones, in fact were its internal lakes.

Two hundred years ago only Tartars lived in Great Tartary on the land of Tarch and Tara. Tartarians were lengthy, brown-haired, white-skinned people with cornflower-blue, green, fiery or silver eyes. They were friendly and kind-hearted in time of peace, but brave and merciless in battles, though fair and merciful in days of victories and persistent in time of adversity.