Introducing our team: Stas


Today we decided to drag our Lead Software Engineer Stas from the virtual reality. Stas looked at us with his red languishing eyes and gave us all the answers even before we had an opportunity to ask any questions. That’s what he told us:

1. Who are you and what do you do in the team?

I am a Lead Software Engineer. Mainly I work on integrating the whole content and make necessary corrections of development process, if something goes wrong. And overall I just communicate with other team members, when we need to work on some technical aspects. For example, we have a lot of work on animation and character’s controller at the moment, so I have to show other developers how to do this and that in order to get the work done perfectly. We want to make everything about animation and characters’ movements to look great and appealing for players. These are my tasks as a team leader 

Talking about my part as an engineer, then there is a lot of complicated work to do. At this stage of work I usually add new functional and implement new parts of the game mechanics, which means that I have a lot to do with coding. Also I need to consider the networking aspect of the system and to integrate all new features correctly. Then it will be tested, debugged and polished until we all are satisfied with the result.

2. What is your contribution in the Ansiber world?

It’s hard to remember everything I have done on the project. I have done a lot… and not just me…
Well, talking about the overall systems, I’d say it is a loot system, a system of building, a character’s controller… and lots and lots of different changes within the project.

Ah… Maybe home electronics, but no, it still needs to be put into practice Then I’d be selling real estate, if we are still going to implement such opportunities, I think it’s quite an interesting feature  Also I would sell ships, if it’s possible  Well, you see, I really like to do things in a big way