Our servers

We would like to tell you about the servers and let you know of what opportunities they can provide.
It needs to be told, that all servers will be divided into three categories based on complexity, such as easy, normal and hard ones.
Starting with an easy level the player can just run back and forth for fun, since the emphasis was made on a dynamic arcade gameplay, including the reduced time of day and night alteration, less damage in combat, and high speed of level-ups. A hard level is created for hardcore players. Game time will be corresponding to the real one, and the damage will be depending on the equipment of the player. So if you are naked, then you definitely get a oneshot.
It must be mentioned that some of the debuffs and penalties on the easy servers will hardly bother the players or even pass them by. On the other hand the hard servers will give a player hard time. For example, the player having a broken leg will be limping until he is completely healed and it will affect the speed of his movement.
We plan to run the servers with a capacity of 250 users being able to play at the same time with a prospect of expandding this number up to 1000 of players. And of course, all these people can participate in the battle at the very same time.
Do you want to be a part of this huge open world? Then join in the game! The Great Tartary is waiting for you!