Update 0.4.5 “Winter island”

Friends! You’ve finally waited for this moment. The new patch is uploaded. Total winter came to Ancient Siberia!

In the updated version fixed a number of critical bugs and bugs.

1.Fixed fire particles, now the fire is burning in the right direction.
2.Fixed an error related to the loss of items from the inventory.
3.Decided errors with the appearance of the character in T-pose and with conservation statuses of the character.
4.Eliminated the problem associated with the inability to put the object in an empty slot of the Bank.
5.We worked hard on the errors of the server.
6.Fixed a problem related to incorrect display of the sea in the starting village at night.
7.Fixed the problems of global illumination and illumination of some objects by optimizing structure.
8.Also changed the default incorrect graphics settings.
9.Fixed duplication of messages in the chat.
10.Improved performance, now the startup is faster.
11. Now character deals damage when struck with fists. We also changed the animation of strafe with a two-handed hammer. And eliminated the error of the triple axe blow.
12. Solved the problem associated with the loss of resources after mining.
Fixed an error in the breakdown of inventory when wearing some armor. By the way, the combat coloring is now normally displayed on the faces of players and when you create.
13. Fixed a bug that led to the wrong trajectory of the jump in combat mode.
14.Solved the problems associated with the interaction with objects and resource extraction after the move.
15. Our level designers removed unnecessary colliders in the village, and programmers eliminated the mistake arising at installation of buildings.
16. Fixed issues with the sounds of monsters in the graveyard.
17. Established working with scrolling in the key settings menu.

The main event of the new patch was the full transition to the winter location.

1. Now the character can freeze: the higher the location point in Ancient Siberia, the colder. You can warm up in some places in the village (market, house with machines, shooting range, fires) as well as buying from the vendor hot borsch, which helps to restore heat.
2. Added new weather conditions. Now on the map may be a fog, and nights in Ancient Siberia became darker.
3.Character metrics such as temperature, hunger, thirst are now recovering from an relogging.
4.Added new sounds for the winter environment.
5. Added new camera effects: eye adaptation, chromatic aberration.
6. In the updated version there are new learning quests.
7. We have also added a new mapping on the subjects. Now correctly are displayed damage, type, penetration, protection. When you hover your mouse over the recipe, you will see the right ingredients.
8.Our team has increased the distance of trees displaying.
9. The starting clothes of a character is changed into warmer clothes.
10. Replaced easy run animation.
11. Added fur on some animals, also some models of animals were replaced with better ones.
12. Changed the rocks from which the ore was extracted. Now they have a different look and break into pieces.

We are also actively continuing to work on the already known problems: eliminate errors associated with damage from monsters, patch holes in clothes on the characters and work hard to ensure that the river is displayed correctly at night.