Updates from 26.01

We have fixed a few bugs, so here is our new short report:

Valid build version:

1. We fixed a problem with alpha masks, now part of the clothing is displayed correctly.

2. We fixed a problem with entering the game lobby.

3. Now the weight of the items is taken into account and affects the fatigue of the character (the heavier equipment player has, the slower he moves).

4. The status bar started to work more correctly.

5. Thirst and starvation now affects fatigue of the character, and agility affects movement speed and attack speed.

6. We fixed bugs with the queue when crafting items.

7. Now, at the approach to the machines, their names are automatically translated to the language specified in the settings.

8. The new patch more correctly displays the quantity upgraded skill.

9. We fixed a problem with upgrading extractives skills.

10. We fixed several bugs with incorrect display of the locations.

11. Identified and eliminated a rare configuration issue that could lead to difficulties when you start the game.

12. Level-designers moved one of the mines closer to the city for the convenience of the players.

13. We eliminated the error associated with the extraction of ore in the mine, when it was not disappeared while the extraction.

14. We fixed incorrect work of tanning workbench.

15. By players’ request, you can now reassign buttons responsible for running, block and attack.

16. Scroll was fixed in game settings

17. We fixed bugs with selling items to merchants when some of the objects were impossible to sell and get for it money.

18. The number of workbenches in the village was increased.

19. The switching in the crafting menu now works on click, not double click as before.

20. We fixed several bugs related to the construction.

21. We fixed an error with the cutting of animal skin.

22. We fixed an error with upgrading magic skills.

23. Grass settings now works’ correctly.

24. We fixed a bug with the folding coins.