Thu. May 16th, 2024

Character Development in Online Games: The Basics

If you’ve ever tried any multiplayer game, you are probably familiar with major mechanics and rules shared by most titles ever created. Levels, characteristics, skills, armor and weapons, and many other elements were introduced in web-based games many years ago, and they remain widely used till today. The whole process of creating and developing your virtual avatar, or character, hasn’t changed much either – select a class, distribute experience points, gain new skills, and, eventually, become one of the top players. But why is this scheme so successful? Let’s find out!

After creating a profile and completing the character setup, you’ll notice a couple of similar patterns in all major titles:

Developing your stats becomes harder as you advance further in the game. The first 10 levels can be gained within an hour, levels 11-20 in a day, 21-30 would take a whole week, and so on. The goal here is simple: to make you spend as much time in the game as possible, inputting lots of effort into developing your character.

On higher levels, things commonly referred to as “endgame content” start appearing – the best armor, weapons, and unique items. Obtaining those objects requires spending even more time playing. Or does it?

If you don’t feel like completing dungeons and killing hundreds of mobs is worth the effort, microtransactions are here to help! Just donate a couple of dollars and that shiny new armor set is yours forever. Cosmetic upgrades for real money have been popular throughout the whole history of the gaming industry, and they would likely stay there forever.

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